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At Mill Events, we’ll make sure the vision for your special event becomes a reality. Our Venue is 5,000 sq ft and has unique authentic charm. Our venue has the option to utilize the entirety or for smaller events using only the small space that is 2,000 sq ft.  Mill Events treasures the history of being a cotton mill originally and is the perfect backdrop to create the stunning occasion you and your guests will always remember. 


Meet Aissa


Cornelius picked me!

 I was a patron of Tawba Walk, which is a local arts festival here in Cornelius, and met a business owner in which led me to a job here at Oak Street Mill.  My wish is to build myself into the community doing what I love on many levels.  You can hire me as your coordinator for your event here at Mill Events but I also work outside the venue.  

Running my own buisness here in Oak Street Mill is so amazing and I am still pinching myself! 

Such a beautiful space and a beautiful city.

I can't wait to meet you!


I have been dancing all my life, literally!  I am now teaching locally and love it.  Dance is my Gift from God and is one of my passions.  I  LOVE using the  tools God gave to me  to help young children  believe in themselves and shoot for the stars. In my case I sprinkle them with Sparkles because that is what we call our  dancers. 
Every person has sparkle,
they just need to learn how to use it.


My Family consists of many people near and far, but my children are my world.  

When you are given the gift to share your passions along with being their parent, they get to see all of you. Not only will you inspire them to be their very best on many levels, but they inspire you too, on many levels.  

  They are amazing humans and I am so proud to share my journey with them, and watch their wings soar the world as they live out their passions.  Love you B E.


Past Events

Our Business Is Making Memories


New Years Wedding

New Years Resolution With a Big YES!

We loved having a New Year brought in by our lovely client saying
"I DO". 
The chose to embrace the dimmed lighting and elegant decor to accent the rustic brick wall.  Was a count down to never forget!

Simple And Bold

Embracing the Rustic Vibe

A wedding to never forget!  A lovely couple that embraced all the elements of the venue.  Keeping it simple and open for guests to mingle.  As the night drew closer the vibe was taken to another level with music and dancing.  Such a cool wedding!

Beautiful Photo Shoot

When your venue is the canvas

Our venue is used a lot for its beautiful lighting and the rustic warmth.  Just seeing the eye of a photographer makes us truly see the authentic beauty of our space a lot more.


Elegant Baby Shower

Was it pink or blue cupcakes?

Utilizing our bar space with the garage door as a option to open the smaller side up to allow more flow.  Well that sounds like a perfect way to honor a soon to be Mom that has done nothing more then feel confined and always needing more space for 2... Elegance is well deserved for this Mom to be.

Ground Breaking

Cornelius Cain Center Coming Soon!

The long awaited day of breaking ground of the Cornelius Art Center was a honor to host.  Many Mayors came to witness the site and we look forward to seeing growth to our city and being a part with hosting more events to come.

We Love To Dance

Dance Recital

When we are asked if 50+ dancers can come and have a Spectacular Event at our venue, well you best believe we were dancing at the opportunity.  The hard wood floors had the tapping sound like acoustics.  Costumes were simply beautiful.  After a year of covid and no dance classes for some, this event was emotional and so exciting!!!


Did Someone Say Birthday Party?

It Took Fifty Years To Look This Good

That is what the birthday boy said to his suprise birthday party!  Looking good at 50!  The decorations were simply loud and fun and the food was nibbles of all sorts  A stage for DJ and dance floor in front like a concert to relive the good old days, or is it " the best is yet to come".  Lets celebrate all our birthdays this way!

Nutcracker Experience

The transformation was AMAZING

We had Grand Centeral 
Academy in our venue again and this time, WOW!!!!  They made our smaller space into a Land of Sweets.  Not only the guests were suprised with the talents and joy the transformation, we were too! 

Family Dinner

Sometimes changing it up is fun!

We all have family and friends we want to have under the same roof.  Well my roof doesn't fit them all, so rent a space that will give you the warmth and love of home.  The brick and wood floors allows you to make the perfect family style dinner.

Bridal Bouquet

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